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Return to exercise postnatal assessment

A return to exercise postnatal check helps you to understand where you are in your recovery, return to exercise and physical activity journey.

Be it your first delivery or subsequent, the health and wellbeing of our new mums is vitally important in caring for her baby. If you’re purely after an assessment to know when you can return to exercise and what is suitable and safe for your body, then this type of assessment is for you.

Exercise and physical activity has many benefits to our health and this is the same for the postnatal period. For some new mums, there can be very personal reasons behind returning as soon as possible and is taken into consideration.

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This type of assessment is focused on screening for the risk of developing symptoms or harm or injury with returning to exercise. Information from assessments is also used to determine what level of exercise is safe to start with. You will also have the opportunity to discuss any related concerns that may be on your mind.

If you do have any symptoms of bother, we do recommend you book a Postnatal Assessment instead of a Return to Exercise Assessment as this will allow time for our physio to provide treatment to assist in addressing your symptoms.

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Promoting optimal recovery postpartum and a safe return to exercise.

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