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Postnatal Home visits

The weeks following the arrival of your baby can be a challenging time to attend appointments. Let our team come to you, so you can begin receiving essential care as soon as possible.

Many symptoms can be present in the postnatal period that can be normal and self-resolving within a short period of time, whilst other symptoms can be concerning, persistent and require assessment to determine best treatment options.

For example, some women can experience a sense of vaginal heaviness after vaginal birth. This could be due to swelling and bleeding within the tissues or it could be due to laxity of connective tissues and pelvic floor mimicking prolapse.

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For some women who have a caesarean section birth, difficulty emptying the bladder can occur. This could be to do with how the pelvic floor is functioning, or it could be to do with how the bladder is functioning. All these variations in symptoms require different treatment approaches.

Postnatal home visits are not only for those with symptoms needing to be addressed, but also for those without who just want to ensure their health is well looked after. All the same areas are questioned and screened for as is done in the clinic except, you will be in the comfort of your home.

Postnatal physiotherapy in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

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Assessment is also the same as in clinic with one exception, observation assessment of vaginal entrance or perineum. Due to the context of this type of assessment, this is only done in the clinic and allows for accuracy of assessment.

Postnatal home visits within the first 6 weeks of giving birth are available to those within the town limits of Tamworth. If you are located outside of this area, please call our team to discuss further.

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