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Postnatal physiotherapy assessment

Postnatal physiotherapy assessments aim to guide recovery from pregnancy and labour, focusing on your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.

Your baby’s health is screened when they arrive and is closely monitored in the weeks after. We must not forget how important the health and wellbeing of our mums is. It’s just as important for you to have an assessment and the opportunity to discuss any concerns.

This type of assessment is targeted to those who have symptoms as a result of birth. You don’t have to wait until the 6-week mark to have your appointment. There is a lot we can assess and treat within this time to best maximise your recovery and get you feeling your best.


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Your postnatal physiotherapy check involves assessment of:

Pelvic floor
Lifestyle factors
Bladder and bowel concerns
Separation of abdominal muscles
Caesarean section healing
Muscles and joints of lower back or pelvic region
Dyspareunia (including vaginismus)
Any concerns with breastfeeding positions or blocked breast ducts
Mother holding small baby who is sleeping. Photo from above.

Let's not forget about our new mums.

Our approach

There are risk factors with birth that are associated with developing pelvic floor muscle dysfunction that can result in symptoms developing or persisting in the postnatal period.

These risk factors include:

Use of vacuum or forceps in delivery
Tear of the perineum
Large birth weight over 4kgs
Very fast or long active phase
Woman holding her baby on an exercise ball, wearing activewear.

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